TMS Support Solutions Ltd Awarded FATS/5 Approval

TMS Support Solutions Ltd are delighted to announce that they have been awarded approved supplier status for a number of Filters (categories) within the latest MoD Framework Agreement for Technical Support (FATS/5).

 The FATS/5 capability has been specifically developed by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) and provides them and other government departments (OGD) with an effective route to choosing suppliers for technical support.

 The categories that TMS were successfully selected for are:

  • Filter 1 (Air Engineering)
  • Filter 2 (Land Engineering)
  • Filter 3 (Maritime Engineering)
  • Filter 7 (Air Acquisition Safety)
  • Filter 8 (Land Acquisition Safety)
  • Filter 23 (ILS)


Andy Smith, Operations Director said; “TMS has a reputation for delivering a quality, value for money service and the FATS/5 approval recognises this. Being selected provides us with further credibility which will increase our standing with our wide range of current Government clients and attract many more.”

The Framework Agreement provides the MoD and OGDs with:

  • A fast, efficient route to approved and ISO accredited suppliers
  • A task price – based on a robust set of ‘Key Deliverables’ which requires the customer to define their requirements fully
  • An open competitive market

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